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In a city full of sound, lighting and audio visual companies, AV Vegas stands out as the one you call when you want to speak to real people who will be personally involved with your concert sound, lighting, backline, grand piano and AV equipment rental needs. We've had the privilege of providing equipment at many large concert and corporate events in Las Vegas, but we still keep the same commitment to each client, no matter how large or small your rental needs are.

AV Vegas has been Las Vegas’ rental source for Concert Sound Systems since 1993. We began with pro audio systems and equipment, and quickly added stage lighting and rigging equipment to our rental inventory. In 1999 we began providing backline musical instrument rental, when the MGM Grand decided to schedule a last minute event for the millennium new years eve and could not find the band gear they needed at a reasonable price. Our backline equipment inventory has grown ever since to one of the most complete in the nation. As our name implies, we are also a source for audio visual equipment rental for a full production or just a small meeting.

A Note to out of town event producers in need of Sound, Stage Lighting, or Audio Visual. Click Here!

Our Customers Are The Best

MGM Grand Blues Traveler Backline Rental
Southpoint Dennis De Young Rigging Equipment
World Market Center Bridal Spectacular Lighting for Fashion Show
Mandalay Bay Arena Hoodie Awards Concert Sound, Band Gear Rental, AV Rental
Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival Backline for all Eight Stages Corporate Meeting Lighting, Rigging, Audio Visual Support
IACEP Guess Who Sound, Lighting, Backline
Paris Las Vegas 7/11 Owners Assn Audio and Lighting for Corporate Event
MGM Grand Miss Vietnam Concert Sound, Backline, Production Labor
Mark Bennick Illusionist Sound System and Lighting Effects
Sony Music YouTube Shoot Sound Equipment, Backline Gear
Springs Preserve Seal Sound System, Stage Lighting, Backline
Desert Rocks Festival Stage Lighting Equipment, Power Distribution
Univision Radio Cinco De Mayo Outdoor Sound for Festival Concert, Backline
Luxor Hotel Michael Cavanaugh Monitor System, Wireless Microphones
M Resort Las Vegas Tim McGraw Sound System, IMAG Video for outdoor concert
MGM Grand Arena Journey in Concert PA Sound System, Rigging, Power Distribution
Country Thunder USA 3 day Festival Backline Equipment Rental
Hard Rock Hotel Santana Moving Lights, Mac 2000
City of Lights Jazz / R&B Festival PA System, Monitor System, Backline Gear
East Coast Entertainment Finis Henderson Sound Systems, Lighting Equipment, Backline
Springs Preserve Jewel Sound System, Stage Lighting, Backline
IACEP William Shatner Keynote Speaker, Audio Visual Support
L5 Festivals Boney James Pro PA Sound System, Lights , Backline
Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival Main Stage Audio, Monitors, Backline
MGM Grand Garden Huey Lewis PA System, Front of House System
Sean Hannity Freedom Concert Concert Sound, Backline Equipment


A Note to out of town Sound or AV companies.

One place where we really shine is in helping out of town sound companies, production companies, and show producers with their Las Vegas events. Let us be your in-town warehouse with local crew who will deal with your client’s last minute changes or additions. Many production companies truck in a portion of their gear and rent the larger items from us. Perhaps you are a video company and you need a sound or lighting system for your event, give us the specs and we will handle it for you. Maybe your customer wants to bring in a band for a banquet for one night after their general session, call us for the musical instruments and the stage monitor system that the band needs. One call and we handle it all, we can make you look good!