Inventory notes:

Well, as you may or may not know… Sound lighting backline AV

AV Vegas gets the “Lions share” of  the out of town companies coming to Las Vegas to do their shows. Of course that’s great! Yet we still love to handle all of our local venues and clients too! After all, if all of the Las Vegas Hard Rock venues and Cafe’s only turn to AV Vegas…… Nuff said!

We have in stock at our warehouse well over $2,000,000 in inventory ready to rent. We have everything needed to do the best job for your next function from the small backyard party up to your full blown arena concert. We are not limited to just Audio. We also do Lighting, Rigging, Backline, AV and more!

When you are ready to feel “taken care of” give AV Vegas a call, big or small we got you covered! (702) 878-5050

Talk to a real live human: 702-878-5050