Medical conference installed by AV Vegas

Late 2014 AV Vegas was aproached to assist in a semi-difficult design for a large medical conference. The Semi-difficultism was due to the fact that rigging points and the video screen sizes and formats needed for this projects did not exist. The Venue just couldnt give the client the points needed without shifting the overall footprint of the clients vision. We were able to accomplish the room build outs using 2 systems of self climbing truss. The video screens were custom built and placed in a triangular configuration to be displayed in the round. It is now 2015 and our client is happy to reach out to AV Vegas once again to discuss this years event needs. Pictured are conceputual renderings to build pictures to reality!



Blue Theater-v7 VIVA2014_RedTheater_v3.2 IMG_1474 IMG_1591 IMG_1472 IMG_1467 IMG_1466 IMG_1464 ACI_2193 ACI_2040

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