Battery Powered Portable PA System

AV Vegas rents the Sound Projections “Sound Machine”. 

This PA System is battery powered and easy to use. 

Sound Machine Portable PA speaker front and back view

SM-5 Ultimate Portable Sound System

  • At 32 lbs. (35 with Options), the SM-5 Delivers
    200 watts, 126dB SPL and 4-8 hours of operating time
  • Optional CD/MP3 Player with USB Port
    Front-load design for easy use
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery
    Rated for over 2000 charge-recharge cycles
  • SHURE 123-Channel Wireless System
    External antennas for over 300′ range in an open TV channels

The Sound Machine, an unbeatable combination of clear, powerful sound and light weight (33 lbs) Cick to  see YouTube of the SM5 Sound Machine   .