Speakers on Stands

  • For audiences of 100 to 200
  • For announcements or background music
  • For acoustical band
QSC K-12 Powered Speaker

Small PA w/ Sub-woofers

  • For DJs
  • For Small Pop band
  • For audiences around 300
JBL speakers mounted atop a stick of truss and installed in front of Mandalay Bay hotel.

Strong Ground-Stacked PA

  • Pop / Rock Band
  • Loud DJs
  • Better sound for larger audiences 500 – 1000
AV Vegas Small Lighting System

Medium Sized PA System

  • For Major Events Indoors / Out
  • Meetings, Corporate Events
  • Audiences up to 4000
Crowd goes nuts. Smoke appears on stage at the start of the show.

Large Format Concert PA System

Wide angle view of Tim McGraw performing under bright stage lights with a large crowd in the dark

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