Custom Staging / Mobile Stages

Custom stage built over fountain @ The Park MGM for Golden Nights game

Introducing the Ultimate Stage Rental Solution – Perfect for Concerts, Corporate Events, and Special Occasions in Las Vegas!

AV Vegas is raising the bar for event staging. With AV Vegas Custom Event Staging, you can now design unique stages for any event, from concerts to corporate events. Our custom designs ensure no two stages will ever look the same. You won’t get that with any other staging company.

No matter what event you plan, AV Vegas will give you the boost it needs. Our high-quality risers provide stability and support so that you can feel comfortable knowing your event stands the test of time. Plus, our lightweight construction ensures quick setup and tear-down for any event. Not to mention, our craftsmanship extends to our decor options as well.

When it comes to custom events, trust the professionals at AV Vegas. We’ll help you design a stage that’s just perfect for your event needs. With our highly trained installation staff and signature quality, AV Vegas Custom Event Staging will help you take your event to the next level. Contact us today to get started!

Our Las Vegas Staging & Risers are designed for all types of events, featuring exceptional versatility and made from top-quality materials. Experience the reliability and customization that comes with our premium staging solutions for your next event.

Key Features:

  • VIP Seating Risers
  • Runways / Fashion Shows
  • Event Stages
  • Concerts & Performances
  • Custom Shapes
  • Political Rallies

Sturdy, Adjustable, and Customizable:

Built in multiples of 4’x8’, our stage decks are very sturdy, weight-bearing, and adjustable in height. They can be built on uneven surfaces, ensuring a solid foundation for any event. Safety Rails, Chair Rails, Stairs, and ADA Ramps come standard to further enhance the user experience.

High-Quality Materials & Care:

We stock genuine StageRight stage decks and StageLine mobile stages, including the SL-320. Our StageRight stages can be configured in various ways to build reliable, weight-bearing structures, complete with stairs, safety rails, and drapery to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Outdoor Event Special:

For significant outdoor events in Las Vegas, our StageLine SL320 offers the ultimate concert stage solution. We can build a stage complete with sound, lighting, and branding, alongside a dedicated lounge area with music, bar, seating, and video for your guests.

Additional Features:

  • Climbing Roof Truss Systems
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Experienced Riggers on hand
  • Ideal for Concerts, Performances, and Festivals

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your next event. Choose our Las Vegas Staging & Risers and dazzle your audience with a memorable experience. Contact us today to book your Stage Rental Solution!

Las Vegas staging and risers for concerts, corporate events, and all special events.

  • Any type of Stage
  • Any type of Event
  • Anywhere!!

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We stock genuine StageRight stage decks, and StageLine mobile stages including the SL-320. Our StageRight stages can be configured in a variety of ways to build sturdy, weight-bearing structures, with a variety of stairs, safety rails, and drapery to finish off the package.

StageLine Mobile Stages

For major outdoor events, our StageLine SL320 is available in Las Vegas. We can build a concert stage with sound and lighting at any location, or a branded lounge with music, bar, seating, and video for your customers.

  • StageLine SL320
  • Concerts / Events
  • Festivals
  • Available Barricades
  • Audiences up to 30,000
  • Branded Lounges available
wide view of SL320 mobile stage light up at night with moving lights and LED lights

Climbing Roof Truss Systems

  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Experienced Riggers on hand
  • Concerts / Performances
  • Festivals

Ask us about our Sound, Lighting, Video, and Backline for your stage.

Beautiful lighted stage by a hotel swimming pool, ready for a concert

StageRight Stage Deck Riser Systems

  • Built in multiples of 4’x8′
  • Very Sturdy Weight Bearing
  • Adjustable heights
  • Can be built on uneven surfaces
  • Safety Rails, Chair Rails, Stairs
  • ADA Ramps

Use Cases

  • VIP Seating Risers
  • Runways / Fashion
  • Event Stages
  • Concerts
  • Custom Shapes
  • Political Rallies
a cut out view of a StageRight runway stage in a T shape

Drum Risers

  • 8′ x 8′ Risers
  • 8′ x 12′ Risers
  • Custom sizes
  • Rolling risers
Rockin' drummer on stage with Tama drums

A stage for every situation and every size

a small stage setup on a parking lot, with lighting trees on each side
front view of Stage Right stage built over water Large stage sits at the edge of a massive swimming pool
Small stage with sunroof 16' x 24' stage, installed in Vegas hotel for a band
The band Bowling For Soup plays on a stage built on top of a bowling alley stage lit with blue LED moving lights

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