AV Vegas at Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival

AV Vegas, Spirit West Coast Main Stage

 AV Vegas, provided PA System for Concert Sound, Backline and Production Labor for Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival in Del Mar, Ca. May 2009.

AV Vegas has provided Sound, Stage Lighting, Backline and Video for Spirit West Coast since 2000.  In 2008 they awarded us the Main Stage and we have been doing it ever since. 

two-engineers-better-than-oneMatt Elliott in the foreground, our newest engineer, mixing “Barlow Girl” on the Yamaha PM5d, while a traveling engineer loads the second PM5d console for tonight’s hL Acoustic 115xt Hi Q Stage Monitors eadliner band.

The view of a line of L Acoustics 115xt Hi Q Monitor Wedges. They are extremely expensive speakers, but they are perceived by many to be the finest wedges in the world. The bands love them because they sound great. The engineers love them because they are stable and not prone to feedback. We love them because we can brag that we have the same boxes as the mega companies, for what that is worth.


There  are a thousand cables on a concert stage and every one has to be patched correctly. Will Leininger, my lifelong friend swaps the trunklines of our two Whirlwind Main Snakes for the next act.  Since 1993, Will has built our stage monitor system, wired our main PA Sound System, engineered and patched at our larger events. When he is not assisting AV Vegas on our shows, he runs his own home theater install business in Las Vegas, Called L&T Design 702 242-5462. Goya;s Monitor World at Night

You can hardly see him in the photo, but I assure you, he is there. If the stage is rockin’ and the musicians are happy and everything is working as it should, then you can bet that Goya is at the helm.  Goya is the head of the audio department for AV Vegas. He was happily on the road with Jeffrey Osborne until he fell in love with a beautiful girl in Vegas. The rest is history.mon-beach-by-night-22

A couple of the headliners wanted to mix on our Yamaha M7cl Monitor Console. It is a good choice because it is easy to use, even for an older analog engineer.  AV Vegas has two M7cl consoles in stock.

QSC Amp Racks for Main PA System

Big heavy amp racks to power our JBL Vertec 4889 Line Array Speaker System. More watts than Obama has taxpayer dollars.

tobys-foh-engineerTruly one of the highlights of the event, and my favorite photo. This is Toby Mac’s Front of house engineer. He played the console like it was an instrument. He was having a lot of fun mixing Toby, who is a high energy Christian Rapper and Dancer. Jumbotrons in the distance.


AV Vegas will be providing sound, lighting, backline and video at the upcoming concert in Monterrey, Ca. Visit Spirit West Coast.

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