AV Vegas is Moving On Up!

After 18 years in the same location, AV Vegas is now moving! The search for a new warehouse was a year long process, and many great opportunities presented themselves. But in the end one building captured the hearts and minds of the AV Vegas team. At 4375 S Valley View Blvd Suite C, in the shadow of the Palms Hotel and Casino, our beautiful new building is the picture of convenience. We are now closer to our customers than ever before, making our quick response and fast delivery just that much faster.

AV Vegas is your full service production rental company, providing PA Systems, Concert Sound, Lighting, AV, Staging, and a massive selection of musical instruments in our Backline department. We have been serving Las Vegas since 1993, taking pride in our attention to detail and striving for ever greater customer satisfaction.

The move to our new warehouse, having nearly double the square footage of our previous address, was precipitated by our steady growth over the years, and the recent acquisition of a large amount of equipment from a former production company. AV Vegas is now proud to add staging to it’s repertoire of production gear. Making our new slogan “Everything from the ground up!” we now have all the Sound, Lighting, Backline, AV, and Staging you need to make your event a success, all while making your life easier and saving you money! At AV Vegas, we LOVE production and we’re so excited to be taking these next steps to better serve you!

Soon, we’ll announce the date of our grand opening party, it’ll be a great opportunity to spend a relaxing evening and meet and greet with others in the production industry. If you’d like to be invited, please subscribe with the form below.

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