AV Vegas Rocks at the Rock and Roll Marathon 2011

Rock and Roll Marathon Video by Memory Lane Video

Rock and Roll Marathon
The day arrives… it’s just another Saturday in Vegas for so many of us. Yet it marks a monumental day for the AV Vegas Team and so many others who rose to meet the challenge. They have been planning, plotting, picking, pulling, and packing for weeks. The trucks are loaded and the team is ready. On this day they will be preparing twenty stages all over Las Vegas for one massive event. One truck leaves the warehouse to head down the street to 4th and Colorado, while another aims for the Fremont Street district, and another arrives on the strip in front of Caesars palace. Why in the world would anyone want a stage at 4th and Colorado so far removed from any tourist trap, because over forty-thousand people are going to be running down that street on Sunday, and AV Vegas has been hired to make sure they are well entertained along their journey. The Rock & Roll Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the world, combining a unique opportunity for marathon runners with a heavy rotation of good music to keep them going the distance. They will be running from the strip, off to the southwest, back to Mandalay Bay, then down Las Vegas Blvd all the way to Fremont st. downtown and back!

Setting up a concert is an art form of its own kind, every band has different needs, every room has different acoustics, and every venue offers different accommodations. For this event a massive army of generators and extension cords provided the power for the bands, and our sparkling inventory of L.E.D. lighting put the spotlight on each act. 24 hour security kept each stage safe for the night, all while an army of public servants prepared to close down the busiest streets in Las Vegas. For this event, the art of stage production was engineered into a process, unload, place, build, test, next… Trucks pull up, unload, and move on, again…. and again… and again. All these stages were prepared in less than 18 working hours by a crew of 24, each showing with every speaker placed, with every truss built, their sheer dedication to turning a pile of gear into a pivotal element in an incredible event.

The race begins and each band starts to play, each stage lights up in time with the progress of the runners. Before long the sun gives way, leaving the stage lighting to point the way from goal to goal. In just a few hours, over ?? bands play their sets as thousands of people run by. Jogging down Las Vegas Blvd in the shadow of some of the greatest resorts the world has to offer, the runners make amazing haste in their journey.

Altogether too soon the occasion ends, the last runners have reached the finish line, and the city of Las Vegas desperately needs their roads back. Up jumps the AV Vegas crew with empty trucks follow the path of the marathon, collecting each stage’s manifest as they go. Merely four hours after this monumental event ends, there is not a trace of evidence that anything is amiss but for the empty stages hinting at fun once had.

We at AV Vegas pride ourself in rising to any challenge, and we particularly enjoyed rising to this one! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event, we couldn’t have done it without you, and we sure did love doing it!

see video: http://youtu.be/ecYLvYLyUQM

-AV Vegas

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