Full Service Backline & Instrument Rental: Elevating Your Live Performances

Musicians know that a great performance relies on the perfect match of talent, skill, and instruments. To truly deliver their best, bands need to be at ease with their equipment and have the technical support to handle any issue behind the scenes. This is where our full-service backline and instrument rental department comes in. At AV Vegas, we provide a range of instruments, from modern to vintage, that are used by internationally renowned artists. Our knowledgeable backline technicians offer comprehensive support to ensure that your band members can focus on making music and putting on an unforgettable show.

Extensive Range of Instruments

At AV Vegas, we understand that every musician has their own preferences when it comes to instruments. That’s why we stock a broad range of equipment, from guitars and keyboards to drums and amplifiers. Our instruments are like-new and always maintained at peak quality. Even our vintage guitars and amps are refurbished to optimize sound and performance. When it comes to fly dates, we have everything a musician could want. What’s more, we can support any specific needs your artist may have and help make their performances more memorable.

Expert Technical Support

Our backline technicians are experienced professionals that understand the intricacies of different instruments and gear. They ensure that musicians are comfortable and focused, providing the highest level of technical support for fly dates and concerts alike. From delivery to setup, our team is available to assist your artist with any needs associated with their gear. In addition, we work closely with production and tour managers to plan the logistics of your artist’s gear needs from the beginning.

Customizable Services

We offer customizable services to address the unique needs of your artist. From fly dates, tours, to stage productions, we can cater our services to individual requirements. We have an extensive network of vendors and sound technicians, making sure there’s no issue we can’t solve. At every step, our team works with you to ensure that the artist’s requirements are met, optimizing their performance and comfort.

Value for Money

At AV Vegas, we believe in providing quality services that deliver value for money. Our rates are competitive, with no compromise on the quality of instruments or support offered. We understand the need to be affordable, especially for independent artists and small bands. Whether you’re looking for a single instrument rental or a full range of backline gear, we make it accessible and reasonable.

High-Profile Clients

Our backline department caters to musicians of all levels, from independent artists to international bands and festivals. We’ve been trusted by some of the biggest musicians in the industry, including Skid Row, Five Finger Death Punch, Warrant, Sublime, Bruno Mars, Orianthi to name a few.  Our clients recognize the quality of service we provide, knowing that their gear is always in top condition, and that they can rely on our staff to provide first-class technical support.

At AV Vegas, we believe that every artist deserves to play with instruments and gear that feel like an extension of themselves. Our full-service backline and instrument rental department ensures that musicians can take on any stage with confidence. Through a comprehensive range of instruments, expert technical support, customizable services, high-profile clients, and value for money, we are shaping the very best of the backline and instrument rental industry. Whether you’re an independent artist, or an international band, we’ve got you covered. Contact AV Vegas Backline Department today and elevate your live performances.

AV Vegas Backline
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AV Vegas Backline

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