Must Have Audio Visual Rentals for Your Holiday Events and Parties

As the holiday season approaches, many organizations and individuals are already gearing up to host holiday parties and events. The success of any such event depends heavily on factors such as entertainment, food, and beverages. But one crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the audio-visual setup. Imagine hosting a party with the most delicious food, top-notch entertainment, and no sound system- the whole event would be ruined. That’s why renting audio-visual equipment for your holiday event is a must. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to make your holiday event successful by renting the right audio-visual equipment.

1. PA System:

A Public Address system is a paramount piece of equipment for your event. It is crucial for communicating with guests, announcing speeches, or simply playing music. A PA system is easy to rent and is available in different sizes and configurations to suit your event requirements. We recommend renting a PA system with a wireless microphone to make it easy for your speaker to move around.

The right sound, for the right room, is key to the perfect experience. Our lineup covers anything from an intimate lounge event to a packed arena. A matching compliment of subwoofers will ensure that the rooms shakes when you need it to.

2. Lighting:

Lighting sets the mood of your event and creates ambiance. It influences how your guests perceive the space and can add an element of surprise. With state-of-the-art lighting equipment, you can transform any event space to fit your event theme. From spotlights, uplights, to LED strips, you can create a custom lighting design to match the vibe of your holiday event.

Concerts, corporate theater, and special events require stage lighting or decor lights to bring impact or set a mood.  Concerts require bright moving head wash or profile fixtures, crowd blinders, strobes, foggers or hazers, and follow spots.  Seminars or conferences for corporate theater require professional spot lights to highlight the presenter, flood a backdrop, project a gobo or logo or decorate a ballroom wall. Whether you need some or all of the above, we have your lighting rental needs.


3. Video Walls:

Video Walls can help showcase slide shows, presentations, and visual entertainment. This AV setup is perfect for events that require presentations, videos and interactive entertainment. We recommend renting a screen that is at least 8’ wide and a projector with at least 3,000 lumens to ensure a clear and bright image.

Video Walls can be a powerful addition to your event, when these video screens are delivered to you by the pros at AV Vegas. Ask our creative team for help with design & content for your video presentation. You can even use a video wall for image magnification at a keynote event or conference.


4. Speakers:

A great party deserves great music! Renting a high-quality speaker system can help to make your holiday party alive. Consider the size of your party and venue when renting speakers to ensure that you have enough speakers and power to create a favorable soundscape. There’s nothing more annoying than a sound system that does not have enough power to create a lively and energetic environment for your guests.

There is nothing more gratifying to a pro audio professional than providing top quality sound systems for concerts and events, be it top of the line loudspeakers, rock solid wireless microphones, loud and stable in-ear monitors, specialized digital sound consoles or all of the above. It is our passion to fulfill the artists sound production needs.


5. DJ Equipment:

If you plan to have a professional DJ perform at your holiday event, you’ll want to ensure they state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal! Typically your DJ will provide the majority of AV equipment, including speakers, lighting, mixers, and turntables, however, depending on your venue you may need to rent additional equipment such as microphones, monitoring, and cabling. Make sure to communicate with your DJ in advance about the kind of AV equipment you might need.

Renting audio-visual equipment is fundamental for the success of your holiday event. In this blog post, we have detailed the different AV equipment that you will need, from speakers, PA systems, lighting, screens, and projectors to DJ equipment. Audio-visual equipment rentals are now easier than ever. You can rent high-quality AV equipment at affordable prices from reputable vendors in your area. Remember to consider your venue size, event theme, and the number of guests when renting AV equipment. We hope this guide helps you to rent the right AV equipment that will bring your holiday party to life.

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