AV Vegas Celebrates 15 Years at the Rock & Roll Marathon

The Rock & Roll Marathon series rolls into Las Vegas every year, bringing with it a wave of energy, excitement, and exhilarating music. There’s a beat in every heart, a guitar riff in the night air, and a brilliance on the strip that only this event can bring. For 15 spectacular years, AV Vegas has played a pivotal role in making sure every moment pulsates with the perfect sound and visuals. Here’s to 15 years of rockin’ stages and running races.

AV Vegas Load in at the Rock & Roll Marathon.

How AV Vegas Contributes to the Beat of the Marathon

Instrumental in creating a marathon atmosphere like no other, AV Vegas specialty lies not just in the equipment but in our devotion to engineering memorable moments. We’ve delivered impeccable audio-visual services, from the thrumming audio systems that fuel the runners’ adrenaline to the visual spectacles that dazzle thousands of spectators.  These services include staginglightingsound systemsvideo production packages with 4K cameras, projectors, HD displays (LED walls), wireless microphones & headsets, audio consoles and other musical activations such as Mile of Music and Start Line Village.

Resorts World Tent- Rock & Roll Marathon.

Staging the Soundtrack of the Streets

With stage designs that cut through the neon glow, AV Vegas has curated a myriad of musical milestones along the marathon route. The ‘Mile of Music’ initiative is a testament to our dedication to immersive soundscapes—an unforgettable experience for both runners and the audience.

Lighting to Ignite the Night

Just as the city of Las Vegas never sleeps, AV Vegas ensures the marathon stages shine bright throughout the night. With dynamic lighting arrangements, that highlight every stride, every cheer, and every concert-worthy performance that graces the platforms.

Rock Solid Reliability and State-of-the-Art Tech

AV Vegas has carved its niche by consistently bringing the latest in audio-visual technology to the forefront of these events. Professionalism and cutting-edge gear, combined with an unyielding passion for excellence, drives us to rise to the occasion, year after year.



Share Your Rock & Roll Marathon Memories

We’re calling all the rockers, runners, and revelers who’ve experienced the Rock & Roll Marathon firsthand! Share your favorite moments with AV Vegas on social media. Use #AVVegasRnR and #15YearsofRock to tell us how the music moved you, and how the marathon moments have stayed with you.

A Milestone of Music and Miles

Fifteen years of service is more than just a number—it’s a harmony of dedication and celebration. Here’s to many more years, many more miles, and countless more beats.

AV Vegas has not only set the stage but has set the bar. For reliable AV expertise that will make your next event sing, look no farther than the team that’s been orchestrating excellence for 30 years in fabulous Las Vegas!– AVVegas.com.

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