AV Vegas Looks Back on the Biggest Weekend in Las Vegas Sports History

https://www.avvegas.com/As the biggest sporting event of the year descended upon our city in February, AV Vegas was there every step of the way, supporting concerts, viewing parties, and private events. We even had the opportunity to work directly with NFL vendors to support the pregame show among the many deployments that weekend! The demand for top-notch audio-visual services was at an all-time high for Las Vegas, and AV Vegas was honored to be a part of this momentous occasion.

NFL Media night!

AV Vegas seemed to be everywhere, from supporting local venues showing the big game by providing an array of TVs and impressive LED walls to the NFL Experience at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center where we supported many activations during the week-long event. We were there doing our part to make sure Vegas hosted an over-the-top celebration.
A few of our favorite highlights were providing backline support for the legendary Billy Idol during the pregame show and during the NFL Media Night. We had the privilege of lighting up the iconic Lombardi Trophy, putting it in the well-deserved spotlight.

Billy Idol at Allegiant Stadium

AV Vegas lights up Lombardi Trophy

Our team tackled an extraordinary challenge at the Las Vegas Top Golf. Within an incredible 35-minute window, we seamlessly deployed a mobile stage, LED wall, thundering sound system, and concert-level lighting effects. What began as an open golf course was rapidly metamorphosed into a professional-grade concert setup, ready to host acclaimed artists Lil Wayne and DJ Alesso for an unforgettable Saturday night performance. Holding the crowd’s attention during this transformation was T-Pain, performing on an inside fully equipped stage, also set up and manned by our team. Our crew’s remarkable speed and expertise turned this seemingly impossible task into a resounding success, delivering a world-class production that left the crowd in awe.

Top Golf Super Bowl T-Pain/Lil Wayne event.  Our lighting technicians are artists with a palette of hues, and our sound engineers are conductors, directing cheers.

We are proud to have been a part of such an incredible weekend, providing exceptional audio-visual services that helped create unforgettable experiences for fans, performers, organizers, and attendees alike. As we reflect on the triumphs of the Big Game Weekend, we look forward to future opportunities to showcase our skills and contribute to the success of high-profile events in Las Vegas.

A Synchronized and Harmonious Plan

Months, sometimes years of planning go into events that last mere hours. Bringing visionaries’ dreams to life, from arranging lighting that enhances not just visibility but emotions, the delicate calibration of audio that carries beyond the stands – all fused to create an event that’s more than a sum of its parts. Collaboration is key, and working as one extends from our internal teams to each client relationship. Our prior week’s agenda was a symphony of plans that crescendoed with the event. The relentless pursuit of perfection in crafting events knows no season, and no event exemplifies this better than the Big Game weekend. The Big Game isn’t just about football; it’s a multifaceted, colossal celebration, and our preparation matches its grandeur. Our dedicated team collaborated on Staging, Lighting, Pro Audio, Video, Backline, and AV Productions for various entertainment clients across the city.

Backline-All Star Band for Raiders After Party at Fountainbleau

The Legacy of Experience

It is about every voice that shouted, every eye that marveled, and every heart that felt. Our work will be etched in photographs, conversations, and the whispers of future generations. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but what excites us is the uncharted potential that each event unveils.

Our dedication goes beyond the clients we serve; we’re stewards of our industry, showcasing what’s possible and setting new benchmarks. We share our insights, breakthroughs, and expertise to inspire others and elevate the collective standard. This community is where we grow – by inviting and nurturing innovation and creativity.

The “Big Game” weekend wasn’t just another event for us; it was a platform to demonstrate our power to transform. Being part of this inaugural event was a privilege and a responsibility embraced with the utmost dedication. Our story is just one of many that added color to this cultural canvas. This is our quintessential tale of experience, technology, and creativity that transforms events into epic moments. Each event fuels our passion, and we eagerly await the next chapter to script more of these legends. From the opening kickoff to the final play, and all the magic in between, AV Vegas – We ARE the show!

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