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  • Yamaha CP-300 Keyboard 88 Keys

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  • Yamaha Motif 7 Keyboard
  • Yamaha Motif ES-8 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha Motif ES7 keyboard
  • Yamaha Motif XF 7
  • Yamaha Motif XF-8 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha Motif XS-8 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha Motif XS7
  • Yamaha Montage 7

    Yamaha’s flagship Montage 7 synthesizer streamlines your workflow and rockets your sound creation and modulation capabilities up to a whole new level. Built on the legacy of Yamaha’s groundbreaking DX and Motif series keyboards, the Montage is driven by its programmable Motion Control matrix, which gives you fluid, interactive command over two powerful synthesis engines. Your fingers will fly on the Montage 7’s superb aftertouch-enabled, 76-note FSX semi-weighted keybed, as you modulate multiple parameters in real time with the aptly named Super Knob. Whether you’re a songwriter, gigging keyboardist, sound designer, or EDM producer, the Yamaha Montage will inspire you and elevate your creative game.

  • Yamaha Montage 8

    The Yamaha Montage 8 is a 88-key workstation synthesizer that combines elements of the DX- and Motif-series keyboards. Employing Motion-Control Synthesis, the Montage combines two sound engines: AWM2 (synthesis- and sample-based sounds) and FM-X (frequency modulation synthesis.)

  • Yamaha P-200 Digital Piano, 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha S-90 88 keys
  • Yamaha S-90ES 88 Key weighted piano-synth
Yamaha Motif 88 key Digital Synthesizer and Piano Yamaha CP300 Electronic Piano Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer
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