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Lighting Consoles

  • Chamsys MagicQ MQ50 Compact Console

    The Chamsys MagicQ MQ50 is a new generation of compact console, ideal for small to medium sized venues. The console supports 8 universes, with 4 assignable physical DMX outputs supporting RDM and a network port for ArtNet and sACN output.

  • GrandMA3 Full Size

    The grandMA3 full-size console is the flagship of the range. It offers the ultimate MA lighting control hardware and is designed for professionals that appreciate the hands-on flexibility that a no-compromise solution can offer.

    The assignable custom area and a dedicated master area provide fingertip access to powerful functionality. Add the 120 physical playbacks and 16 assignable x-keys and the grandMA3 full-size console offers the most flexible playback platform MA Lighting have ever produced.

    The grandMA3 full-size console includes 12 288 control parameters as standard, ensuring that it is the perfect base platform for the world’s most prestigious entertainment lighting applications. The system size is scalable to 250 000 parameters with the use of additional grandMA3 processing units.

    The grandMA3 full-size is compatible with grandMA2 and grandMA3 software. The hardware is ergonomically optimized and can be considered a silent version by default.

  • GrandMA2 Fullsize Lighting Console

    AV Vegas rents the grandMA2 fullsize in Las Vegas

  • GrandMA2 Light Lighting Console

    The most requested lighting console around the world is the grandMA2 and AV Vegas rents the grandMA2 Lite and Fullsize


  • GrandMA2 on PC
  • GrandMA2 NPU
  • High End Road Hog 4 Lighting Consoles
  • Elation Stage Setter 24
  • High End Systems DMX Processor 8000 (DP 8000)
  • Chauvet DJ Stage Designer 50

    Perfect for a small basic lighting package.

AV Vegas rents the industry standard stage lighting consoles that are popular all over the world.

The GrandMA2 lighting console is the most sought after console by lighting designers, especially if they require many DMX channel universes.  The GrandMA2 comes in a “Lite” version and a “FullSize” version. AV Vegas rents one of each. AV Vegas also stocks the GrandMA2 NPU unit in our Las Vegas Lighting warehouse.

The Roadhog 4 lighting console is loved worldwide by LDs that have been used to using the HOG Protocol.  We stock two of these consoles and have an expansion console in case you need more faders than the HOG console has.

This year the GrandMA3 will be coming out as an updated MA console.  We will be watching to see if it is broadly accepted by lighting designers.  If it is, we will purchase one for our rental inventory when full rider acceptance is achieved.



Grand MA2 Fullsize Lighting Console GrandMA3 Lighting Console Road Hog 4 Lighting Console
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