Amp Racks

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Amp Racks

  • Crown iTech 3500HD V Racks

    Our audio department has many Crown V Racks in the 4×3500 and 12000 HD variety

  • Crown iTech 12000HD V Racks
  • Crown iTech 12000HD Custom Amp Racks
  • L' Acoustics LA8 Amp Racks
  • d&b D6 Amp Racks
  • d&b D12 Amp Racks

Modern PA System amplifiers contain all of the digital processing that they need to optimize the loud speakers they power.  The Crown V Rack and the L’Acoustic LA8 racks are examples of pro audio amplifier racks. We have many Crown V Racks that we use to power our big VTX concert system and our JBL stage monitors,   AV Vegas specializes in all types of pro audio sound equipment rentals right here in Las Vegas.

Crown Audio V-Rack with 4 I-Tech 3500HD
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