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  • Whirlwind 6 Channel PressBox

    The Whirlwind PB06 is a passive press box microphone output expander, housed in a rugged steel case, for Whirlwind’s PRESSPOWER 2 and PRESSMITE active press box line outputs, or any other live press conference or forum application where a line level feed is available. It is intended for broadcast and commercial conferencing applications.

    The PB06 distributes one line level input to multiple mic level outputs. Each output is transformer-isolated, providing superior interchannel isolation and ground lifting, helping to eliminate noise problems. Whirlwind’s own TRSP-2 transformers are used throughout.

    – 1 to 6 line in/microphone out passive press box expander for broadcast and business conference applications
    – Rugged, all-steel housing with convenient carrying handle
    – Transformer isolation and grounding for each output eliminate interchannel and RF noise
  • Whirlwind 24ch PressBox
  • Whirlwind PressPower
Whirlwind Pressbox 6
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