Wireless Mic Rack Systems

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Wireless Mic Rack Systems

  • Shure Axient Wireless Systems
  • Shure ULXD Dual Wireless Combo Rack

    New from Shure. Digital Wireless Microphone Systems with handheld microphone, belt pack or both.

  • Shure UR 4-Pack Wireless Rack
  • Shure UR 6-Pack Wireless Rack
  • Shure UHF Antenna Distribution System
  • Shure Active Directional Antenna
  • Helical CP Beam Antenna
  • Helical CP Beam Diversity Fin Antenna

We stock Shure ULXD wireless mics in two packs and four packs.  We also have six, eight, ten, twelve and sixteen pack wireless microphone systems. Our frequency bands are perfect for the Las Vegas metro area and many other parts of the country.  AV Vegas specializes in all types of pro audio sound equipment rentals in Las Vegas.

Shure ULXd Systems
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