Whirlwind Concert Snakes

Whirlwind logo white
Whirlwind logo white

Whirlwind Concert Snakes

  • Whirlwind Patchmaster 3 Way Split Snake 56x12ch

    Whirlwind remains the leader in audio cable after decades. Quality audio snakes

  • Whirlwind W4 XLR Fanout, Whirlwind W4 Trunk Cable, W1 Drive Trunk - A Snake - 200'
  • Whirlwind 40x12 Snake - 200'
  • 24x8 Whirlwind Split Snake System, 24x8 Whirlwind Snake Head Splitter, 250' Whirlwind W3 Trunk, Fanout
  • Whirlwind 24x6 Snake with Fan - 100'
  • Whirlwind 16X4Ch W2 Snake - 75'

We stock the best!  Whirlwind has earned the title of the best pro audio wiring system ever.  We have many different snakes with a variety of channel counts for use in many pro audio systems.  AV Vegas is pleased to rent all types of professional PA gear.

Whirlwind Snake
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