Networking, NDI & Fiberoptic

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Networking, NDI & Fiberoptic

  • BirdDog Studio NDI to SDI/HDMI Encoder/Decoder
    Key Features
    • Convert SDI/HDMI Input to NDI Output
    • Up to 1080p60 Video, HDMI and SDI Output
    • Tally Support, Web Management Interface
    • PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) Support
    • Real-Time NDI Encoding, Tally Modes
    • 3.5mm Analog Input and Embedded Audio
    • Embedded Coms via BirdDog Comms app
  • BirdDog Mini NDI Encoder/Decoder
    • 1080p60 max resolution
    • HDMI input/output
    • PoE support
    • Built in Tally Light
    • BirdDog Comms connection

    Built with total flexibility in mind, Mini can be configured as an NDI® Encoder or NDI® Decoder with a simple click of a button through the web console. In Encode Mode Mini is the perfect way to get your HDMI sources into the world of NDI® and supports up to1080p60

  • AJA FIDO 4-Channel 3G-SDI to Single-Mode LC Fiber TX/RX

    Send 3G-SDI up to 10km over LC fiber with this AJA FIDO system.


    • AJA FIDO-4T Transmitter
    • AJA FIDO-4R Receiver


    • 150 Mbps – 3 Gbps, format agnostic
    • 4-Channel independent 3G-SDI BNC Inputs, SMPTE-259/292/424
    • 4-Channel independent Single Mode LC Fiber Outputs, SMPTE-297
    • Nominal Wavelength: 1310 nm
  • Ubiquiti - UniFi Switch PRO 24 PoE w/ SFP+ 10Gbps
    • 16 1Gbps RJ-45 Ethernet ports with POE+
    • 8 1Gbps RJ-45 Ethernet ports with POE++
    • 2 SFP+ ports with 10Gbps bandwidth
  • Ubiquiti - UniFi Switch 6 XG PoE (10Gbps Switch)
    • 6 port 10 Gbps switch (10,000 Mbps)
    • Ideal for handling multiple uncompressed 4k NDI video signals or 10+ 1080P uncompressed NDI signals
    • 4 copper 10g ports
    • 2 SFP+ for fiber or copper modules

    UniFi Switch 6 XG PoE is a fully managed Layer 3 switch with (4) 1/2.5/5/10 Gigabit 802.3bt (PoE++) RJ45 ports. The 802.3bz compliant ports extend Multi-Gigabit range over existing cabling. (2) 10G SFP+ uplinks offer link aggregation for higher capacity and increased availability.

  • Ubiquiti - UniFi Switch 16 w/ 8 PoE+ Ports

    The USW-16-POE is a configurable Gigabit Layer 2 switch with sixteen Gigabit Ethernet ports including eight auto-sensing 802.3at PoE+ ports, and two SFP ports. It provides Gigabit PoE links to your RJ45 Ethernet devices and Gigabit fiber uplink options to your enterprise network.

  • Ubiquiti - UniFi Switch 8 PoE+ (150W)

    The UniFi® Switch 8 150W is a fully managed PoE+ Gigabit switch, delivering robust performance and intelligent switching for enterprise networks. The UniFi® Switch 8 150W offers the flexibility of (8) Gigabit RJ45 ports with auto-sensing PoE+ or 24V Passive PoE to power your UniFi access points and other PoE devices. Additionally, two SFP ports provide uplink and fiber connectivity options capable of delivering speeds of up to 1 Gbps each. The UniFi® Switch 8 150W supports up to 10 Gbps total, non-blocking line rate.

  • Ubiquiti - UniFi Switch 8 PoE (60W)
    • 8 port 1Gbps switch
    • 4 ports of PoE up to 15 watts each
  • Ubiquiti - UniFi Switch Flex 8 port PoE Passthrough

    8 port PoE++ powered switch with PoE+ passthrough.

  • Ubiquiti - UniFi USW Flex Mini 5 port PoE Switch

    PoE powered 1Gbps switch

  • Ubiquiti - UniFi UAP-AC-PRO Wireless Access Point
  • NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS305)
  • 100 meter TMB ProPlex 2ch SM Fiberoptic Snake

    Tactical Fiber Snake Rental

    • 100 meters
    • 2 channels of single mode fiber
    • Neutrik FiberCon ends
    • LC whips
  • TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet to SFP/Fiber Media Converter (MC220L)
    • 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports supporting Auto-MDI/MDIX
    • Auto-negotiation of Half-Duplex / Full-Duplex transfer mode
    • Complies with IEEE 802.3ab and IEEE 802.3z
    • SFP port supports hot-swappable
  • SMPTE Fiber

    Available in Sizes:

    SMPTE Fiber 328′ Reel

    SMPTE Fiber 500′ Reel

BirdDog Studio NDI BirdDog Studio NDI (front) Ubiquiti UniFi 24 port switch Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8 (150w)
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