Concert at the IACEP Convention Musiq On Stage, Sound Provided by AV Vegas Stage Lighting Provided by AV Vegas

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Like so many of the people who have ventured in the production business, AV Vegas’ founder, John Hansen, entered the industry with a background in electronics, entertainment, and a profound love for music. After many years of growth, and thousands of successful events, AV Vegas maintains a small company feel by employing people with similar values. When you call, you get a real live person, not a voicemail. When the day of your event arrives, you will receive first class service provided by our full time staff. We employ technicians who care about their career, share our love of production, and care about your event. This is what sets AV Vegas apart from many other companies in the sound production industry.

A Note to out of town Sound or AV companies.

One place where we really shine is in helping out of town sound companies, production companies, and show producers with their Las Vegas events. Let us be your in-town warehouse with local crew who will deal with your client’s last minute changes or additions. Many production companies truck in a portion of their gear and rent the larger items from us. Perhaps you are a video company and you need a sound or lighting system for your event, give us the specs and we will handle it for you. Maybe your customer wants to bring in a band for a banquet for one night after their general session, call us for the musical instruments and the stage monitor system that the band needs. One call and we handle it all, we can make you look good!