Not an Actor but still want your own awards show?

Well now you can! You can Thank Steve Harvey for it too! We’re talking The Hoodie Awards folks. Ford Motors is a proud sponsor of a concept that allows the communities themselves to nominate plain ol’ people from the neighborhood that stand out as local heroes. When the 2008 show rolled in to town a change was made to improve the production. That change? Hire AV Vegas as the sound and production partners. The result? Hiring AV Vegas for the 2009 show as well. Recording a live show is tough, but if there is no issues at all it can create a sense of reassessment of why they had issues in the previous years. The only thing missing was having AV Vegas in the mix….. Let us see who they turn toward for 2010! Click the video link below to see our gear and hear our backline and audio in action! The venue was Mandalay Bay Arena.

Hoodie poster









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