New Years 2009… what a week!

On an average day the AVVegas crew is busy working shows all over town, but there are some weeks that just stand out, and this New Years was one of them. With our massive equipment inventory spread across more than 20 different venues, we had quite a lot to keep up with. So as we take a moment to recap the holiday weeks I want to congratulate all the AVVegas professionals and our clients for one extremely successful new year.

One of our favorite parties on December 31st takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge, the one at the New York New York Hotel & Casino that is. Every year the bridge gets closed down for the week leading up to the big night so we can transform it into a massive outdoor party zone, with hundreds of lights and enough sound to awe the crowd out on Las Vegas Blvd.

Bridge Bash New Years Eve 2009 Lighting

There is a new technology that has been growing rapidly in both quality and demand, and AVVegas is proud to be on the cutting edge. LED Lights have been available for nearly 4 years, but only recently has the technology exploded into the mainstream. In preparation for this New Years we bought a boat load of brand new LED based Par Cans, several hundred to keep up with demand. These new lights are bright enough to rival their conventional counterparts, but you can run 10 of them on a single electrical outlet! The light you see in these pictures is from either our LED Pars, or our MAC2000 moving lights, no par cans in sight!

See you next year!

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See the crowd from Las Vegas Blvd at the Bridge Bash, New Years Eve 2009.

Girt on Guitar at Bridge Bash 2009 lit by AVVegas

Eric programming lights for New Years 2009

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