Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp!


Today’s Convention Services Association Luncheon was a Blast!  We all got together at an awesome new meeting facility/rock venue/recording studio called the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp, a place where everybody…. even all of us conventioneers can be a star. I had the privilege of performing I Love Rock & Roll (Joan Jett) with a talented group of fellow association members, backed up by the All Star band and our drummer/teacher Mr. Les Warner.  Talk about a fun lunch!  It’s a package that anybody can buy for small or large groups, come in and perform with a live band of talented musicians, learn to play your favorite song, get it all recorded and save it forever! Plus, a glance at the web site tells me it’s far more affordable than you might guess.

Afterward things got even better when the raffle came around and I won a drum head signed by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue!  Truth be told… when I heard that was the prize I bought every raffle ticket I could because I knew AV Vegas’s own Wally Parris is a huge fan. Well, it worked… and here he is with our prize! Thank you Wally for bringing class to the AV Vegas Backline department, thank you CSA for another great lucheon, and a big thanks to the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp for hosting us!

-Ty Hansen
Wally With Tommy Lee Head

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