AV Vegas Celebrates International Women’s Day and Women Who Rock!

AV Vegas Celebrates International Women's Day

AV Vegas Celebrates International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing women who have shaped the world that we live in. Here at AV Vegas, we would like to take the opportunity to recognize the women who have revolutionized and shaped the music industry for generations. 

AV Vegas has fortified their place in the Rock and Roll industry here in Las Vegas. From live shows, private events, large concerts and more, we have worked with many talented and revolutionary female artists over the years. Our staff has been inspired and influenced daily by those women who ROCK!  There are too many to include here. We have chosen just a few of those women to highlight today while we celebrate women and their contributions to the music that drives us.


“Cher, in my opinion, led a huge part of the women’s movement back in the 70s. She was the first woman to show her bellybutton on National TV. She was rebellious & daring, that’s why she’s my hero.”

Ashleigh Jaramillo, Office Assistant


“As America’s First Lady of theater management, Lula was a gem in a male dominated field. She made a name for herself and the Ryman Theater from 1904 to 1955. She was business and concert smart and did it because she loved it. Her legacy inspires me to keep going and doing what I love.”  

— Lisa C. Binder, Director of Sales


“Stevie Nicks has always been an inspiration to me because she has just been a staple in the music industry as woman since the 70’s and even before that, she started singing with her dad when she was 4. She even has a charity called “Stevie Nick’s Band of Soldiers” for wounded military personnel to provide them music during their recovery.”

— Desiree Ledesma, Account Executive


“My inspiration is Lady Gaga, because she isn’t afraid to be herself. She doesn’t let other people bring her down and she just tries to spread love and understanding.”

— Justyn Walker, Senior Lighting Technician


“Candace is a pioneer in the lighting industry who is best known for her work with the Grateful Dead as their Lighting Designer.  She has inspired countless people to pursue a career in  lighting, including myself.  Her work, creativity and influence can still be seen to this day as the people she has mentored and inspired continue to implement her style for some of the biggest touring acts in the world.”

Bill Folwer, Senior Project Manager


“Billie is an inspiration because no matter how successful she has become, she has remained true to herself. She doesn’t give in to industry pressures or change herself to fit what others feel she needs to be.”

— Kyle Leopando , Backline Intern

These women and so many more continue to inspire, motivate and influence generations of music lovers with who they are and what they represent. AV Vegas is proud to have worked with extraordinary artists, up and coming music professionals and industry leaders, like these women, and many more. Today, we salute what you have done, and continue to do, for our industry. 


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