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Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!  Now home to nearly a dozen sports teams/clubs in addition to NASCAR, boxing and special events like the upcoming Las Vegas Grnad Prix Formula 1 Race in November and Las Vegas’s first ever Super Bowl in 2024.  That being said, Viewing Parties are on trend and the right audio, video and lighting can take your party to the next level.

If you are planning a viewing party for the big game or a major sporting event you’ll want to make sure you have the best audio and visual equipment to make your party a memorable experience. In today’s world, sports are becoming more about the overall experience, and having great equipment can elevate that experience. In this expert guide, we will explore the audio visual needs for your next viewing party, including video screens, LED video walls, sound, and lighting, especially in Las Vegas now known as a sports mecca in the United States.  Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a larger event space, these tips will take your party to the next level.

Video Screens

Video screens are an essential part of any viewing party, and you want to ensure that your guests have an optimal viewing experience. Depending on the number of guests and the venue, there are various screen sizes available to cater to your needs. For a larger crowd, LED video walls are ideal as they offer a larger display area and a higher quality viewing experience.

LED Video Walls

LED video walls use multiple smaller screens linked together to create a larger display. This type of technology provides high-resolution images and flexibility in design, providing a custom backdrop or enhancing a branding element of your event. LED video walls are perfect for creating an unforgettable viewing experience for larger gatherings. Las Vegas has the perfect event spaces to host such events, and working with the AV Vegas Production Team to customize LED walls will create a unique ambiance that caters to your occasion.


When it comes to audio equipment, clarity and volume are the two most important factors. Renting high-quality speakers can make a significant difference in the audio quality, and with the growing sporting events in Las Vegas, AV Vegas offers customizable sound and audio solutions that ensure your event is a success. Having a dedicated audio technician can help to fine-tune the sound to the specific needs of your party, ensuring that everyone can hear the announcers, music, and sound effects loud and clear.


Often overlooked aspect of audio-visual needs for a viewing party is lighting.  Lighting sets the tone for an event and is an essential element when setting up the perfect ambiance for a viewing party. AV Vegas’ event lighting experts can create personalized lighting solutions that tie into the teams, colors, and logo of the sporting event being celebrated. Additionally, color changing lights and special effects can create a unique experience that will keep your guests engaged and inspired.

In conclusion, throwing a viewing party is all about creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for your guests. By renting top-quality AV equipment, including video screens, LED video walls, high-quality sound equipment with a technician, and customized lighting, you can take your party to the next level. With the continued growth of sports events in Las Vegas event planners and managers must have state of the art technology options to enhance their events.

Have fun planning your ultimate viewing party!  Reach out to our sales team for additional information: [email protected]

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