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Running a successful event requires good communication, which is why AV Vegas rents Clear-Com wired & wireless com systems to keep our crew and yours on the same page. Rent our new Clear-com Free Speak wireless com system.  We have all of your sound equipment needs in Las Vegas.

Clear-Com logo white
Clear-Com logo white

Wired Clearcom Systems

  • Clear Com Base Station

    Clear Com has long been the leader in theater and entertainment communications.  AV Vegas stocks wired and wireless systems.

  • Single & Dual Earmuff Com Headset
  • Clear Com Handset Phone
  • Clear Com Beltpack Single Channel
  • Clear Com Call Light
Cluster of various ClearCom products
Telex logo white
Clear-Com logo white
Telex logo white
Clear-Com logo white

Wireless Com System

  • Telex BTR -80N Wireless Clear Com Base Station

    Telex BTR-80n is the narrowband version of the popular BTR-800 System.

  • Telex BTR -80N Wireless Clear Com Beltpacks
  • Telex ALP -450 UHF Antenna
  • Telelx BTR -80N Battery Charger
  • Telex BP -800NM Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Clearcom Freespeak Wireless System

    The new standard in wireless comms. AV Vegas rents the Freespeak system

Clear-com Freespeak 2 Wireless Com System
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