Bass Guitar Amps

AV Vegas rents all of the most popular bass amplifiers and cabinets right here in Las Vegas. We rent Ampeg, Gallien Krueger, Mesa Boogie, SWR, David Eden. You know it’s going to be a good show when you hear (and feel) the thump of a bass guitar, and every good bass player wants to use their favorite bass amplifier. That’s why AV Vegas stock dozens of bass amps to fit all tastes.

Bass Guitar Amps

Mesa Engineering logo white
SWR logo black
Gallien Krueger logo white
David Eden logo white
Ampeg logo white
Aguilar logo white
Aguilar logo white

Aguilar Amps

  • Aguilar DB 410 Bass cabinet
  • Aguilar DB 751 Bass head

    The Aguilar brand of bass amp has become more and more popular in the last few years. Many bass players of many different music styles love this product. If you need to rent a bass amp in Las Vegas, we have what you need.

Front view of Aguilar DB751 Bass Amplifier
Ampeg Bass Amplifiers logo (White)
Ampeg Bass Amplifiers logo (White)


  • Ampeg BA-115 Combo Amp
  • Ampeg Classic SVT 8 x 10" Bass Cabinet
  • Ampeg SVT 15E
  • Ampeg SVT 4-Pro Bass head 1200 Watt with graphic
  • Ampeg SVT 410 Bass Cabinet
  • Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Head (Tube)

    Still one of the most requested bass amplifiers in the world, the Ampeg SVT Classic Tube Head

  • Ampeg SVT-VR
Ampeg SVT-810AV
David Eden logo
David Eden logo

David Eden WT-800 Bass Head Amp

  • David Eden WT800 Amp Head
  • David Eden 4 x 10 XLT bass speaker cabinet
  • David Eden Single 15" Speaker Cabinet
  • David Eden Single 18" Bass Cabinet
Gallien Krueger logo white
Gallien Krueger logo white

Galien Kreuger

  • GK 800RB Bass Head Amp

    The GK800 rb bass head is STILL an often requested bass head after well over 20 years.

  • GK 1001RB Bass Head
  • GK 2001 RB Bass Head Amp
  • GK 410 RBH Cabinet
  • GK Cabinet 115 RBH single 15"
Gallien Kreuger GK800rb Bass Guitar Amp
Mesa Engineering logo white
Mesa Engineering logo white

Mesa Boogie

  • Mesa Boogie Carbine M6 Amp head
  • Mesa Boogie 4 x 10 Powerhouse Cabinet
  • Mesa 1X15 Speaker Cabinet
Mesa Boogie Guitar Head
SWR logo black
SWR logo black


  • SWR SM-900 bass head

    SWR SM-900 head with goliath cabinet is the choice of many.

  • SWR Big Ben 18" Bass Cabinet for bass guitar
  • SWR Goliath 4X10 bass cabinet with horn
  • SWR Redhead 2 x 10 Bass combo amp
  • SWR !x15" Bass Cab
front view of SWR SM900 Bass Amplifier
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