DJ Gear

AV Vegas rents all major models of DJ gear in Las Vegas.  Pioneer mixers, Technics turntables, Denon CDJ’s and Serato units are requested daily.  We supply accessories too, like laptop stands, monitor speakers and more. Our crew can deliver the equipment to your event and also set it all up for you. We can also rent complete Sound Systems for small parties, mid-sized events and large scale event.  AV Vegas lighting can design and build creative lighting systems for parties, raves and concerts. We have your gear!  Call us now

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DJ Gear

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  • Technics SL -1200 MK2 Turntable

    DJs are still using Technics 1200 Turntables after all these years and AV Vegas Rents them

  • Technics SL -1210 MK5 Turntable
  • Technics SL -1200 M3D Turntable
Technics 1200 Turntable for playing records
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CD Players

  • Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
  • Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2
  • Pioneer CDJ 2000 Multi Format: MP#, AAC, WAV, AIFF, SD
  • Pioneer CDJ-1000
  • Pioneer DVJ-1000 Video Player
Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD Player for DJs
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DJ Mixers

  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 All-In-One Controller System

    Second-generation flagship Serato DJ control
    As a company that’s committed to taking care of our customers, all of us here at Sweetwater take special note when a manufacturer responds to customer feedback by improving their products, and the DDJ-SZ2 is an exceptional example of that. It’s the follow-up to the original DDJ-SZ, which many consider the industry standard in Serato DJ controllers already, so Pioneer decided to kick it up a notch. The DDJ-SZ2 adds powerful Key Shift, Key Sync, Pitch Play, and Serato Flip controls to the layout, all of which provide you with greater performance options than ever. They’ve also updated the jog wheel, tightening up the latency to make scratching more precise than ever.

  • Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2 DJ Mixer

    DJM-900NXS2 Share 4-Channel Digital Pro-DJ Mixer (black)
    Take your performance to new heights with the DJM-900NXS2, which features our first ever 64-bit mixing processor for a warmer, more nuanced sound. We’ve fine-tuned the EQ and fader curves and enhanced the FX controls to give you even more creative choice. Plus the versatile DJM-900NXS2 has an independent Send/Return, 4 phono inputs and 2 USB ports – giving you flexibility to set it up your way.

  • Pioneer DJM-900 SRT DJ Mixer
    • Built in Serato sound card
    • 4 channel 96kHz / 24 bit
    • MIDI Controller
    • Sound Color Filters
    • 13 channel-assignable Beat FX
    • X-PAD one finger manipulation
    • Quantize snaps Beat FX, cues and loops to the rekordbox beat grid
  • Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus DJ Mixer
    • 4 channel 96kHz / 24 bit
    • MIDI controller
    • Sound Color Filters
    • 13 channel-assignable Beat FX
    • X-PAD one finger manipulation
    • Quantize snaps Beat FX, cues and loops to the rekordbox beat grid
  • Pioneer DJM-800 DJ Mixer

    The DJM-800 is a 4 channel 96kHz / 24 bit digital mixer with 61 assignable MIDI control channels. It supports a wide variety of effects, such as ‘filter’, ‘sweep’ and ‘crush’ effects through a highpass/lowpass filter, notch filter and bit crusher effect for all line channels.

    The effects automatically detect the BPM of the music and sync to the beats. In conjunction with the additional Digital Beat Effects, 50 combinations of effects are possible.

  • Rane S9 Battle Mixer

    Lean And Mean.

    Meet The Djm-S9, Our First Two-Channel Battle Mixer For Serato Dj. The Fully Customisable Magvel Pro Crossfader, Tactile Performance Pads And Fx Buttons Let You Tailor The Mixer According To Your Preferences. So Get Ready To Decimate The Dance Floor With Personalized Fx And Rigorous Scratch Performances.

    The Djm-S9 Inherits Its High-Quality Audio Circuitry From Our Flagship 4-Channel Digital Mixer, The Djm-2000nxs. The Power Inlet Is Designed To Reduce Resistance And Deliver The Stable Sound You Need In Loud Club Environments.

    Magvel Fader Pro

    The Magvel Fader Pro, Magnetic Crossfader Ensures Excellent Operability, Durability And Response. Change The Operational Load Using The Feeling Adjust Dial And Modify Its Curve And Reverse Configuration To Suit Your Dj Style. On Top It Has Shock-Absorbing Bumpers To Reduce Unnecessary Rebounds.

    Performance Pads

    For Dynamic Live Mixing, 16 Multi-Colour Touch Pads Give Access To Hot Cue, Roll, Slice, Loop And More. Their Optimised Shape And Seat Switch Connections Provide Great Accuracy And Response, While The El Display Instantly Shows Which Mode Is In Play. In Serato Dj You Can Map Other Functions To The Pads And Allocate Specific Colours For An Even Stronger Visual Cue.

    Customisable Fx Buttons

    Six Customisable Buttons On Each Side Of The Mixer, And Two In The Middle, Trigger Effects Directly On Your Hardware. Fire Up Six Dedicated Beat Fx On The Left Banks, Or Replace Them With Other Popular On-Board Fx. On The Right, You Can Map Your Favourite Serato Dj Fx* And Their Parameters. The Oel Display Puts The Effect Types And Beat Settings At Your Fingertips.

    Filter Fx

    A High/Low Pass Filter On Each Channel Lets You Manipulate Fx By Simply Rotating The Knob. With Serato Dj You Can Switch To Other Filter Fx Like Dub Echo, Noise And Pitch.

    Style Levers

    The Mixer Has Two Large Style Levers That Allow You To Swiftly Turn Effects On And Off. Give More Dynamics To Your Sets By Triggering Fx Briefly, Locking Them On, Or Exiting Arrangements Quickly.

    2 Built-In Soundcards

    Two Usb Soundcards Make This The Ultimate Plug-And-Play Serato Dj Mixer. Play Back-To-Back With Other Djs Seamlessly Using The Input Switcher On Top To Switch Between All Four Serato Dj Decks. And If You Prefer To Play With Cdjs Or Turntables, You Can Easily Do So Thanks To Dvs Support.

  • Rane Sixty-Two Mixer
    • 40+ Serato DJ or Scratch Live controls.
    • Two USB ports with 6 stereo record and 4 stereo playback channels each.
    • Two DJs can share the mixer for seamless set changes.
    • 32-bit/ 48 kHz.
    • Mic/line input with gain trim, two-band EQ, Flex FX assign and On/Over controls.
    • Internal Effects Engine with Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Robot and Reverb effects.
    • External analog inserts for analog effects processor
    • USB Aux Input for SP-6 sample playback with HP/LP Filter, Headphone Cue, and Flex FX assign.
  • Rane 57 Mixer with Serato capabilities.

    The classic TTM 57SL mixer combines the technologies that Rane and Serato offer in a single high-performance mixer. The TTM 57SL integrates with Serato Scratch Live performance software.

    The TTM 57SL was specifically designed to work with Scratch Live and the available features are best served when used with Scratch Live. The TTM 57SL is also a very competent standalone performance mixer.

    Being an older USB 1.1 Device, this mixer may not be compatible with Serato DJ.

2x Pioneer CDJ-2000's with a DJM-2000 mixer top view of a Race Sixty-Two Mixer
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  • Rane Serato SL4 Interface System
  • Rane Serato SL3 Interface System
Serato SL4 Processor Box with multiple inputs and outputs
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