LED Video Walls

Maximize your visual impact with video displays made from our LED video tiles into walls of any size from decorative to massive.

DJ playing in foreground, video wall in background.

LED Video Walls

Logo ESD Lumen Modular Video Displays
Logo ESD Lumen Modular Video Displays (white)
Logo ESD Lumen Modular Video Displays (white)

ESD Lumen Video Tiles

  • ESD Lumen 4.8mm Outdoor Weather Resistant Tiles - Dazzle Plus DP485 Half Tile

    These 500mmX500mm tiles are IP65 weather rated for outdoor use while projecting a brilliant image in both quality and luminosity across a wide viewing angle. Ideal for most use cases, our Audio Visual team can provide multiple displays at your desired size on short notice!

  • Pitch: 3.90 | 4.80 mm, 16 bit grayscale, 3840 hz, 4500-5000 nits brightness, 160|140 degree viewing angle
  • Brand New!
  • Easy setup saves labor!
  • Available in any size and configuration you could desire!
Single large LED video display before a crowd of onlookers
NovaStar logo (grey)
NovaStar logo (grey)

Video Processors

  • NovaStar NovaPro UHD-Jr All-in-one Professional 4K LED Video Processor

    The NovaPro UHD Jr is a NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that features excellent video processing capabilities, sending card functions and LED screen configurations.

    The NovaPro UHD Jr provides a variety of video input connectors, supporting 4K×[email protected] image processing and sending capabilities.

    • HDMI / DP / DVI / 12G-SDI
    • 10,400,000 pixels
    • 3 Layers + 1 BKG
    • HDR10-Optima, Low Latency
  • NovaStar VX1000 All in one video wall processor

    Input interfaces:

    Output interfaces:

    • 10x LED-Out (RJ45)
    • 10 Ethernet ports of output provide 6.5 million pixels of loading capacity
    • A single unit can output a maximum width of 10,240 pixels, with a maximum height of 8,192 pixels
    • 1x HDMI 1.3 Out
    • 1x DVI Loop
    • 2x OPT-Out (10G)
  • NovaStar VX4S All in one video processor
    • CVBS / VGA / DVI / HDMI / DP / SDI
    • 2,300,000 pixels
    • PIP
    • Auto fit, SDI input
  • Novastar Mctrl 660 Video Processor
NovaStar UHD-Jr NovaStar LED Display Controller

INFiLED AR 3.9 Plus LED Wall

  • INFiLED AR 3.9 Plus Indoor / Outdoor Tile 1000x500mm (IL-RSS-ORAR3.9)

    The new AR Series 3.9 “Plus” indoor / outdoor video tile is available in both two sizes, features high contract “blackface” LED’s for deep blacks and vivid colors, and makes an ideal solution and perfect for festivals, concerts, and sporting events, and indoor temporary signage applications.

    Model Number: IL-RSS-ORAR3.9

  • INFiLED AR 3.9 Plus Indoor / Outdoor Tile 500x500mm
  • High Contrast LED Tiles, Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor applications.
  • INFiLED ground support systems for specialized low profile deployments
  • Header/Footer bars for truss hang or ground support
  • Custom mounting for specialized applications
INFiLED AR Series LED Video Wall Tile
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