Battery Powered Systems

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Battery Powered Systems

  • Sound Projections SM-5 Sound Machine Battery Powered PA w/ Extension Speaker & Wireless Microphones

    So easy to use, this is one of AV Vegas most popular small PA systems.  It can be operated on its internal battery or AC. Includes built in Shure wireless microphones or headset with beltpack.

  • JBL EON ONE MK2 Battery Powered Column All-in-one Portable PA Speaker w/Bluetooth
    • With the JBL EON ONE MK2, you get the best of professional audio in a compact package perfect for gigging musicians. The column PA offers a 5-channel digital mixer, dbx and Lexicon DSP, Bluetooth functions, and universal app control. 
    • Variable Power Performance: Automatically optimizes power performance to provide 4dB higher output when connected to an AC Source; 123Db peak SPL using AC Power, 119dB peak using battery power.
    • Provides 6 hours of play time. 
    • Built-in 5 Channel Digital Mixer
    • Bluetooth 5.0: Audio Streaming to one device, with control of up to 10 units.

Our favorite battery powered PA system is the Sound Machine by Sound Productions. The PA system is very easy to set up and is a life saver when there is no power plug available. It has a CD player, two wireless microphones built in and more.  AV Vegas specializes in all types of PA system rentals in Las Vegas.Click Here for more info on the Sound Projections SM5

JBL EON ONE MK2 All-In-One, Battery-Powered Column PA with Built-In Mixer and DSP Sound Machine Portable PA speaker front and back view
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