Snakes & Splitters

AV Vegas rents Whirlwind Audio Snake systems, including multi-line Cat 5 snakes for use with pro sound systems and lighting systems.  For capturing dozens of different audio channels and sending them to your console, the snake is king. Once a rather heavy cable for carrying audio signals, they are now also available as lightweight, redundant, Dante (audio over ethernet) snakes. We have your audio equipment rental in Las Vegas.

Whirlwind logo white
Whirlwind logo white

Whirlwind Concert Snakes

  • Whirlwind Patchmaster 3 Way Split Snake 56x12ch

    Whirlwind remains the leader in audio cable after decades. Quality audio snakes

  • Whirlwind W4 XLR Fanout, Whirlwind W4 Trunk Cable, W1 Drive Trunk - A Snake - 200'
  • Whirlwind 40x12 Snake - 200'
  • 24x8 Whirlwind Split Snake System, 24x8 Whirlwind Snake Head Splitter, 250' Whirlwind W3 Trunk, Fanout
  • Whirlwind 24x6 Snake with Fan - 100'
  • Whirlwind 16X4Ch W2 Snake - 75'
Whirlwind Snake
Whirlwind logo white
Whirlwind logo white

Digital Snakes

  • 4-Way Cat-5e Snake - 150'

    Each snake contains 4 Cat5-E lines with Ethercon connectors that can send high quality sound signals & DMX lighting signals from your stage to your FOH audio console.

  • 4-Way Cat-5e Snake - 200'
  • 4-Way Cat-5e Snake - 300'
Whirlwind Logo
Whirlwind Logo


  • Whirlwind 56X12 Super Tour 3-Way W4 Splitter
  • Radial 50x10 W4 Splitter
  • Whirlwind 48x10 2-way W4 Splitter
  • Whirlwind Split6 1x6 Parallel Line W4 Splitter
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