Musicians have their favorite keyboard musical instruments and we rent them in our Backline rental department in Las Vegas. Korg, Kurzweil, Roland, Yamaha, & Nord. Vintage keyboards like the Fender Rhodes & Hammond B3 are available too. Our experienced backline techs can set it all up and assist your artist with the gear.


Korg logo white
Kurzweil Logo white
Yamaha logo white
Nord logo white
Moog logo white
Roland logo white
Hammond logo white
Roland logo orange
Roland logo orange


  • Roland A90-EX 88 key controller

    AV Vegas Backline carries a huge line of Roland Keyboards for rent


  • Roland AX-7 Hand Held Keyboard
  • Roland Fantom G-8 Keyboard
  • Roland Fantom X7 76 Key Synth
  • Roland Gaia SH-01 37 Key
  • Roland JP-8000 Keyboard Synth
  • Roland Juno G 61 Key..
  • Roland JV-80 Keyboard
  • Roland RD 600
  • Roland RD 700 Keyboard
  • Roland RD-700 SX 88 Weighted Key Piano
  • Roland RD2000 Digital Piano 88 weighted keys
  • Roland VK-8 Organ Synth
  • Roland SPD30
  • Roland XP-80 Synth
Roland Fantom G8 Electronic Keyboard photo of several Roland keyboards
Yamaha logo grey
Yamaha logo grey


  • Yamaha S400B 6' 3" w/ midi mod and silent midi mode

    This Handmade Yamaha S-400B comes in a huge road case. It previouslywas Sarah Mclaughlin’s touring piano.

  • Upscale, Sarah McLachlan's Handmade touring piano
Yamaha S400b 6' Grand Piano
Fender Logo
Fender Logo


  • Fender Rhodes

    The Vintage sound of the Fender Rhodes

Fender Rhodes Electronic Piano Suitcase 73
Yamaha logo grey
Yamaha logo grey


  • Yamaha CP-300 Keyboard 88 Keys

    AV Vegas backline rental department rents dozens of Yamaha keyboards


  • Yamaha Motif 7 Keyboard
  • Yamaha Motif ES-8 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha Motif ES7 keyboard
  • Yamaha Motif XF 7
  • Yamaha Motif XF-8 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha Motif XS-8 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha Motif XS7
  • Yamaha P-200 Digital Piano, 88 Weighted Keys
  • Yamaha S-90 88 keys
  • Yamaha S-90ES 88 Key weighted piano-synth
Yamaha Motif 88 key Digital Synthesizer and Piano Yamaha CP300 Electronic Piano
Hammond logo white
Hammond logo white


  • Hammond B3 with Leslie & Bench, Pedals available

    Still cranking out the tunes almost 80 years after it’s invention, the Hammond B3 lives in the AV Vegas Backline Rental Department


  • Hammond XK3
  • Hammond XK3C
  • Hammond XB-2 Keyboard (Organ)
  • Hammond XK-2 Keyboard (Organ)
  • Leslie 122 Organ speaker
Vintage Hammond B3 Organ
Logo for Hohner corp
Logo for Hohner corp


  • Hohner Clavinet D6 Classic Piano

    The Hohner Clavinet D6 is the sound of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. AV Vegas has this classic keyboard in their rental stock.

Nord logo red
Nord logo red


  • Nord C1 Dual Manual Keyboard

    The Nord Keyboards have become very popular instruments in AV Vegas’ Rental Department

  • Nord Electro 2 73 key synth
  • Nord Electro 3 73 Key
  • Nord Electro 5D
  • Nord Lead 2 49 Key
  • Nord Lead 2X 49 Key
  • Nord Stage 2
  • Nord Stage 2 EX
  • Nord Stage 88 Weighted Key Electronic Piano
side view of Nord Stage EX2 Keyboard
Logo for Moog corporation
Logo for Moog corporation


  • Moog Lil Phatty

    The Moog Synthesizer sound carries on at AV Vegas.

  • Moog Minimoog Voyager Synth
Mini Moog Voyager Keyboard
Kurzweil Logo white
Kurzweil Logo white


  • Kurzweil PC-2X Keyboard

    Kurzweil Keyboards and Pianos available for rent at AV Vegas

  • Kurzweil PC-88 controller keyboard
Korg logo white
Korg logo white


  • Korg 01Wfd Keyboard
  • Korg Kronos 61 Key
  • Korg Kronos 73 Key
  • Korg Kronos 88 with sustain
  • Korg M1 Keyboard
  • Korg M3 61 Keyboard
  • Korg M3 88 Keyboard
  • Korg Microkorg
  • Korg MS2000B Vocoder 44 Key
  • Korg Prophecy, Solo Synth
  • Korg R3 Vocoder 37 Key
  • Korg SV1-88BK Keyboard
  • Korg Trinity Plus 61 key synth
  • Korg Trinity Pro 76 Key with solo synth
  • Korg Triton Extreme 76 Key Synth
  • Korg Triton LE 61 Key Synth
  • Korg Triton Pro 76 Key Synth
  • Korg X50 Keyboard
Musician singing and playing keyboard Korg 88 key electronic keyboard.
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