Loud Speaker Systems

AV Vegas rents Line Array Speaker Systems for major headliner concerts in and around Las Vegas. We also offer smaller portable powered PA systems. Our new JBL VTX V25 line array system, powered by Crown amplifiers, rock our largest pro audio concerts and events. Our JBL VTX V20 system is used for mid sized concerts, for side fills and front fills on stage.  We rent JBL SRX speakers for mid sized events.  Our QSC K-12 powered speakers are a great portable PA system.  They are easy and perfect for many small shows for 100-200 guests. Our Sound Projections battery powered PA System is perfect when you are away from a power plug. We also carry Shure in-ear monitors, Aviom systems and other premium sound equipment.  We rent the sound gear you need, with crew or without.

JBL & Harman logo orange
JBL & Harman logo orange

Line Array Speaker Systems

  • JBL VTX V25 Line Array Speaker

    AV Vegas Audio Productions has invested heavily in JBL’s VTX Line Array Systems. We carry the V25 speakers for our large concert venues and smaller boxes for smaller venues


  • JBL VTX V20 Line Array Speaker

    This is one sweet and mighty loudspeaker. With two 10″ drivers, they are as powerful as the larger Vertec 4888 system that we also own but in a much smaller package.

  • JBL Vertec 4888 Line Array Speaker
  • JBL Vertec 4886 Line Array Speaker
  • JBL VRX 932LAP Self Powered Top Boxes

    AV Vegas’ Swiss army constant curvature powered line array speaker.

JBL & Harman logo orange
QSC logo white
JBL & Harman logo orange
QSC logo white


  • JBL VTX G28 Groundstack Subwoofer for VTX V25 System

    We carry the JBL S28 Flyable sub and the mighty G28 ground stackable sub

  • JBL VTX S28 Array Subwoofer for VTX V25 System
  • JBL VTX S25 Array Subwoofer for VTX V20 System
  • JBL CSR82-L Custom Shop Dual 18" Subwoofer Cabinet
  • JBL SRX818P Powered Single 18" Subwoofer
  • JBL VRX918SP Sub Woofer
front view of a JBL G-28 speaker with dual 18
JBL & Harman logo orange
QSC logo white
JBL & Harman logo orange
QSC logo white

Powered Speakers

  • JBL SRX812P Powered 12" Loudspeaker

    The JBL SRX Series is a high quality speaker box for many applications

  • JBL SRX815P Powered 15" Loudspeaker
  • JBL SRX835P Powered 3-way 15" Loudspeaker
  • QSC K Series 12" Powered Speaker

    The QSC K-12 has become the powered speaker of choice for many audio tasks. Small, light and powerful, these boxes sound great in many daily applications. AV Vegas stocks dozens of these

  • QSC K Series K-Sub Powered Subwoofer
  • QSC KW Series KW 153 Powered Speaker
  • QSC KW Series KW 181 Powered Subwoofer

Battery Powered Systems

  • Sound Projections SM-5 Sound Machine Battery Powered PA w/ Extension Speaker & Wireless Microphones

    So easy to use, this is one of AV Vegas most popular small PA systems.  It can be operated on its internal battery or AC. Includes built in Shure wireless microphones. Great!

Sound Machine Portable PA speaker front and back view
L-Acoustics logo white gold
L-Acoustics logo white gold

Stage Monitors

  • L'Acoustics 115XT Hi-Q Biamped Monitor Wedge

    These stage monitors have been the industry standard for over a decade. AV Vegas has a dozen in stock with the L’Acoustic LA8 amplifier racks

  • JBL VTX M20 Biamp or Passive Monitor

    Dual 10″ Speakers w/ horn. Sweet sound and low profile. AV Vegas Concert Productions stocks these and their big brother

  • JBL VTX M22 Biamp or Passive Monitor

    Dual 12″ Speakers w/ horn. Sweet sound and low profile. AV Vegas Concert Productions stocks these and also their little  brother

Shure logo white
Sennheiser logo blue
Shure logo white
Sennheiser logo blue


  • Shure PSM1000 Wireless IEM (Freq. J8)

    The Shure PSM1000 In-Ear Monitor System is the most requested system on artist riders. AV Vegas Audio Productions Department carries over a dozen of these great systems.

  • Shure PSM-900 Wireless IEM
  • Sennheiser IEM EK 300 G3 -G-USA
  • Shure PSM-600 Hardwire IEM Belt Pack P6HW IEM
2 Shure P10R belt pack receivers and a dual P10T PSM1000 Transmitter
Aviom logo in blue
Aviom logo in blue

Aviom Stage Monitors

  • Aviom AN-16/i Input Module

    Aviom personal monitor systems are the state of the art. You can select from 16 mixes, all over a standard ethernet cable.  This puts the control in the artist’s hands.

  • Aviom A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
  • Aviom A-16II Personal Stage Mixer
  • Aviom 16/0-YI A-Net Out Card
  • Aviom MT-1a Mic Stand Mount
  • Aviom EB-1 Extension Bracket
Crown logo white
Crown logo white

Amp Racks

  • Crown Itech 3500HD V Racks

    Our audio department has many Crown V Racks in the 4×3500 and 12000 HD variety

  • Crown Itech 12000HD V Rack
  • L' Acoustics LA8 Amp Rack
  • Lab Gruppen PLM Amp Rack
Crown Audio V-Rack with 4 I-Tech 3500HD
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