Rent the perfect wired or wireless microphones for your needs from a quality production house. Having the right microphones can make or break your overall sound quality, that’s why AV Vegas stocks hundreds of vocal mics, drum mics, instrument mics, shotgun mics, wireless mics, and other specialty microphones at competitive pricing.

Shure logo white
Shure logo white

Wireless Mic Systems

  • Shure UR4S Single Wireless Receiver

    Shure UHF-R have been the mainstay of wireless mic systems for a decade

  • Shure UR4D Dual Wireless Receiver
  • Shure UR1 Wireless Beltpack Transmitter
  • Shure UR2 Wireless Handheld Transmitter
  • Bands: G1, H1, J4 Available
  • Shure SLXD Portable Digital Wireless

    Battery operated and portable wireless microphone kit.

    (2) SLXD5 Portable Wireless Receiver

    (1) SLXD1 Digital Bodypack Transmitter

    (1)SLXD2 Digital Handheld Transmitter

    (1) SLXD3 Plug on Digital Wireless Transmitter

    (1) Shure SM58 Capsule for Handheld transmitter

    (1) Shure WL185 Lavalier Microphone

Front view of Shure UHF-r wireless microphone system
Shure logo white
Shure logo white

Wireless Mic Rack Systems

  • Shure Axient Wireless Systems
  • Shure ULXD Dual Wireless Combo Rack

    New from Shure. Digital Wireless Microphone Systems with handheld microphone, belt pack or both.

  • Shure UR 4-Pack Wireless Rack
  • Shure UR 6-Pack Wireless Rack
  • Shure UHF Antenna Distribution System
  • Shure Active Directional Antenna
  • Helical CP Beam Antenna
  • Helical CP Beam Diversity Fin Antenna
Shure ULXd Systems
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Shure logo grey
AKG Logo white
DPA logo white
Logo for Audio Technica Corp
Sennheiser logo white
Shure logo grey
AKG Logo white
DPA logo white
Logo for Audio Technica Corp

Wired Microphones

  • AKG C414 B-XLS Condenser Microphone

    We carry every imaginable microphone for live Pro Audio work.

  • AKG C414 B-ULS Condenser Microphone
  • AKG D5 Dynamic Microphone
  • AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone
  • AKG 418 Dynamic Microphone
  • AKG C451 B Condenser Microphone
  • AKG C535 EB Condenser Microphone
  • Audio Technica ATM35 Clip-On Condenser Microphone
  • Audio Technica ATM87R Condenser Boundary Microphone
  • Audio Technica ATM450 Cardioid Condenser
  • Audio Technica AE2500 Dual Element Cardioid Microphone
  • Audio Technica AT4050 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
  • Audio Technica AT8035 Shotgun Condenser Microphone
  • Audio Technica AT8615 Desktop Base
  • Beyerdynamic M88TG Ribbon Microphone
  • Countryman E6 Isomax Earset Condenser Microphone
  • DPA Core 4288 Directional Flex Headset Mic
  • Electrovoice RE20 Microphone
  • Sennheiser e602 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
  • Sennheiser e604 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
  • Sennheiser e609 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
  • Sennheiser MD421 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure 520DX Green Bullet Microphone
  • Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure Beta 56a Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure Beta 57 Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure Beta 57a Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure Beta 58a Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure Beta 87 Condenser Microphone
  • Shure Beta 87a Condenser Microphone
  • Shure Beta 91 Boundary Condenser Microphone
  • Shure Beta 98ad/c Condenser Microphone w/Gooseneck Clamp
  • Shure Beta 98 AMP Condenser Microphone w/Clip
  • Shure Beta 98h/c Clip-On Microphone For Wireless
  • Shure KSM9 Condenser Cartridge for RF Mics
  • Shure KSM32 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Shure MX202 Choir Condenser Microphone
  • Shure SM55SH Classic "Elvis" Style Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure SM81 Condenser Microphone
  • Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure SM58s Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure WH30 Headset Microphone
  • Shure WL185 Cardioid Lavalier Microphone
Pro Audio Microphone Shure SM58 Microphone Shure Elvis Microphone

Mic Stands

  • Atlas MS-12 Round Base Mic Stand
  • Atlas MS-20 Heavy Duty Round Base Mic Stand
  • Atlas DMS-7 Short Round Base Mic Stand
  • Atlas DMS-10 Short Round Base Mic Stand
  • Atlas Tabletop Microphone Stand
  • K&M Tall Tripod Mic Stand w/Boom
  • K&M Short Tripod Mic Stand w/Boom
  • Proline Tabletop Microphone Stand
  • Latin Percussion Claw Drum Mic Clamp
Radial Engineering logo
Radial Engineering logo

Direct Boxes

  • BSS Audio AR-133 Active Direct Box
  • Countryman Type 85 Direct Box

    Countryman, radial, JDI Direct Boxes in Mono or Stereo are located in AV Vegas Pro Audio Shop

  • Radial JDI Direct Box
  • Radial JDI Duplex Stereo DI
  • Radial JDV Active Direct Box
  • Radial ProDI Passive Direct Box
  • Whirlwind PCDI Direct Box
  • Radial USB-Pro
  • Laptop Sound Port LSP

    The LSP-1 is a compact adapter that plugs into a laptop computer speaker jack, changes the output to a balanced mono mic-level signal and mates with standard XLR audio cable for connections to a house audio system. A ground lift switch can reduce hum.   The unit has on-board volume control.

Green electrical connection box
Whirlwind Logo
Whirlwind Logo

Press Boxes

  • Whirlwind 6 Channel PressBox

    The Whirlwind PB06 is a passive press box microphone output expander, housed in a rugged steel case, for Whirlwind’s PRESSPOWER 2 and PRESSMITE active press box line outputs, or any other live press conference or forum application where a line level feed is available. It is intended for broadcast and commercial conferencing applications.

    The PB06 distributes one line level input to multiple mic level outputs. Each output is transformer-isolated, providing superior interchannel isolation and ground lifting, helping to eliminate noise problems. Whirlwind’s own TRSP-2 transformers are used throughout.

    – 1 to 6 line in/microphone out passive press box expander for broadcast and business conference applications
    – Rugged, all-steel housing with convenient carrying handle
    – Transformer isolation and grounding for each output eliminate interchannel and RF noise
  • Whirlwind 24ch PressBox
  • Whirlwind PressPower
Whirlwind Pressbox 6
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